Jacob L. Devers

An old photo of Devers in pre-1951 uniform dress.

(Author's Note: this work is purely fictional, although Devers is a real person. This book serves as an analogue to Heinz Guderian's "Achtung-Panzer!" (which was the seminal "Bible" for German Panzer forces during WW2), just as the U.S. Military - and the American Army in particular - of the Napoleon's Legacy Universe draws a number of parallels to the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany).

Armored Battalion is a work by American Army General Officer and prolific author of military science, Jacob Loucks Devers, with the help of his associate, West Point classmate and friend George Smith Patton, Jr.

Armored Battalion - a short book written to advance the cause of Devers's nascant young Armored Force during the military build-up in the years leading to the Anglo-American War - has become the "Bible" of sorts for American tankers and their commanders. A copy of it is issued along with every tank's technical manual in the U.S. military.


The first part of the book covers history. Itdiscusses the Great War: the situations (i.e. trench-/position-based warfare, mass casualties, defensive advantage) that led to the development of Armor and the various early tank designs, as well as the methodologies, employed by the combatant nations, then their developments following the end of the war.

Part two deals with the implications and lessons drawn from the information in part one to discuss the proper employment and organization of Armored Divisions within an overall Operational and Strategic context.

Part three, the longest, concerns itself with the actual use of the tank in operation and is written primarily for tankers on the front lines. It touches on small-unit as well as individual tank tactics and on proper methodologies for everything from preventing driver fatigue during prolongued night-time road marches to assaulting a beach position from a landing craft. Several sections from this portion of the work have been expanded into their own publications in the form of "Supplements" which are numbered non-sequentially in order to corrispond with the numbers of the original sections in Armored Battalion. Of particular note is Supplement XXI, which is an extrapolation of the book's 21st section: "On the Use of Armor in Incondusive Terrain". Most of the Supplement deals with using tanks in northernly conditions similar to those of Alaska, since such a conflict had long-since been expected by American military leaders (essentially ever since the occupation of Canada, which began during the Great War).

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