The AS-13 - Автомат Специальный 2013, transliterated "Avtomat Spetsial'nyy", or "Special Assault Rifle" - is a Soviet carbine of the Vancil 1418 Universe incorporating an integral silencer for special operations use. The AS-13 fires unique subsonic 9x39mm armor-piercing ammunition at a prodigious rate of roughly 1,000 rounds per minute. The standard version of the weapon includes an integral 1x / 2x / 4x scope and laser sight, with side and under-barrel modular rails for fitting a variety of attachments - most usually a flashlight or non-lethal 'tazer' projector.

The AS-13 is the favored weapon of the KGB's highly-secretive 13th Directorate, which deals in monitoring and dealing with humans of abnormal abilities (i.e. Magic), both foreign and domestic.

Author's NotesEdit

  • The AS-13 is a fictitious successor to the real life Soviet / Russian AS VAL, a special forces carbine featuring an integral silencer for its barrel. 
  • In 2020, a Soviet infiltrator cell under the direction of the KGB unsuccessfully attempts to assassinate Anneliese Vancil in her apartment using these weapons. A war between the USSR and the Commonwealth of Nations breaks out approximately one week later.

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