"Blood and Iron" is the translated name of the Empire's official military anthem. This march is well over 4,000 years old and has been modified considerably over its history as new instruments and musical developments have evolved. Its origins, writer and original form are lost to history. However, it has several contemporary versions which remain in widespread use as a battlefield march as well as a formal parade march. The majority of the Empire's cadences - tunes used to communicate orders and keep tempo during battle in absence of other musical accompaniment - are derived from it.

The most formal, full form of the march is most commonly played during the traditional victory ceremony of the Imperial Legions. These take the form of midnight torchlight parades, in which the soldiers march in full ragalia singing and playing this song. Sacrifices are offered to the Imperial gods, benedictions and speeches are given and medals and honors awarded, after which the Imperial soldiers are treated to a ritualized feast - consuming the meat of said sacrifices and special liturgical rum prepared by the Legion's priests.

The real life song it is based upon -


Can you hear them singing?

Can you hear trumpets blare?

Tremble, now we're coming!

Fix your bayonets!


Victory calls us all,

A day for Blood and Iron!

Eternal Glory, she beckons us.

Nowhere now you can hide.

Resolute we advance,

The Tyrants die before our might.


Our Sovereign's Flag is waving,

Her children's hearts are burning,

Their blood & Iron knows not fear.

Our blood & Iron knows no fear!