An Infantry Division is the basic unit of force projection around which the Directorate Army conducts its operations. Directorate Divisions are much larger than current day ones, about 25,000 men, and represent a reversal of the general late-20th and 21st century trend toward smaller, high flexibility formations. Each Division is composed of four Brigades - two Infantry, one Armor and one Support - and each Brigade breaks down into 3-4 Regiments. It also contains aviation elements in the form of purely terrestrial aircraft such as the FM-1 Atmospheric Utility Vehicles, allowing the entire force to be transported by air across great distances once a staging point has been established.


Infantry BrigadeEdit

A pair of Infantry brigades forms the front line fighting force of a Directorate infantry division. Each is composed of two Infantry regiments, an Armored regiment and a Support regiment containing a number of different AMX-400 variants, EMX-200 combat walkers and other vehicles.

Armor BrigadeEdit

An Armored Brigade contains two regiments of Armor and an Armored Support Brigade, which has a mixture of fighting vehicle-equipped infantry and other supporting units - such as AMX-400 based artillery, anti-aircraft and defensive systems as well as EMX-200 walkers for recon and mobile fire support purposes.

Support BrigadeEdit

The Support Brigade, as its name suggests, contains a concentration of the Division's heavy and auxillary firepower, including much of its anti-aircraft components and the massive AMX-800 "Martis" self-propelled artillery walkers. 

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