Doç Värden Barr', translating as "And the World Burns" or "Yet the World Burns", is an Imperial Language poem that is frequently put into song by soldiers of the Empire as a kind of lament on their condition. The lyrics are a melancholy reflection upon their lives as soldiers in the massive wars constantly gripping their nation - on their youth being stolen from them by the necessity of conscription (something for which they resent the enemies who force them to fight, not their country) and on questions about who will be waiting for them when/if they return, or who will mourn them when/if they die. 


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Author's Note(s)Edit

The idea for the piece was inspired by the Swedish-language song "En Livstid i Krig", or "A Lifetime of War", by Sabaton. The title of the poem in this article was taken from, and its Imperial language translation inspired by, a line in the song, "Och världen brann" - "And the World Burned".

A link to the song:

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