The following is a Dramatis Personae (list of characters) for the Cold War Universe setting.

A note about non-Slavic Soviet names:

It is a legal requirment - and a common practice, although not a universally adhered to law - that all Soviet citizens must have a patronymic (a 'middle' name identifying the bearer's paternal lineage, for example: Vladimirovich, son of Vladimir). As such, most non-Slavic, especially Chinese, persons in the USSR have a third name that would not normally be there in conventional naming practices of their culture. I.e. Líu Qui Qui (the second 'Qui' indicates that his father's personal name was also Qui).

For most non-Slavic Soviet citizens, the Patronymic is only used on official documents which have bearing outside of their own Republic (i.e. on a Union-wide level) and in very formal contexts.


Edwards, Paul Michael (American) - Captain, United States Army; Commanding Officer, B Company, 1st Battalion, 12th Armored Division

Hastings, Blake Louis - 1st Lieutenant, United States Army; NATO Special Tasks Brigade Operator

Marrera, Thomas Juan (American [Latino]) - 52nd President of the United States of America

Mülbach, Anna (German) - Civilian Professor of English on contract with NATO. Colleague of Paul Edwards.

Tennyson, Mara (American) - Sergeant Major, United States Marine Corps; NATO Special Tasks Brigade Operator

Dubois, François Maria (French) - Sergeant, French Army; NATO Special Tasks Brigade Operator


Chernenko, Ludmilla Sava (Soviet, Ukrainian) - Major-General Semyon Cherniakhovsky's Divisional Political Officer (Commissar)

Cherniakhovsky, Semyon Vladimirovich (Soviet, Russian) - Major-General, Soviet Army; Commanding Officer, 531st Motor-Rifle Division, 17th Combined Arms Army

Liú Qí Qi (Soviet, Chinese) - Incumbent Minister, MVD (Ministry of Internal Affairs)

Sergeyev, Pyotr Dmitryovich (Soviet, Russian) - Incumbent Chairman, KGB (Committee for State Security)

Semak, Andrei Petrovich (Soviet, Russo-Chinese) - Corporal, VDV Airborne Troops; 1st Battalion, 76th Division, 15th Airborne Corps

Sorokin, Konstantin Illyich (Soviet, Russian) - General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (de facto leader of the USSR) and Chairman of the Council of Ministers (Head-of-Government)

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