The GaS-23MU [ГаC-23MУ] or «Гранатомот-автопушка Станислава 23мм Модернизированный Улучшенный» [tr., "Granatomot-avtopushka Stanislava 23mm Modernizirovannyy Uluchshennyy"], meaning "Grenade Autocannon of Stanislav 23mm Modernized, Updated" - is a modern Soviet crew-served automatic weapon system. It functions essentially as the USSR's equivalent of a heavy machine gun; the 23mm calibre and large size, however, are the traits of an autocannon, and it is labeled as such. The "Grenade" («Гранатомот» / "Granatomot") part of its name refers to its design being intended primarily for firing airburst ammunition, although the realities of Modern warfare have rendered this something of a misnomer. Several types of contact- or proximity-detonated rounds are also used quite frequently, and with considerable success.

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