The Golikov RG-23S - Ружьё Голикова 23mm-C [transliterated: Rhuz'yo Golikova 23mm-S], or РГ-23C - is a modern Soviet military semi-automatic rifled shotgun that first entered production in 2049. Designed for use with Soviet infantry powered exoskeletons and intended to defeat modern NATO body-armor technologies, the weapon has a very large calibre of 23mm (or 6.24 gauge in American standard) and a rifled barrel to impart the submunitions of its shells with a much tighter spread for maximum force of impact on a small, concentrated area. The RG-23S is fed from six-round canister magazines, rather like many grenade launchers, and features a recoil compensation mechanism in the form of an off-axis traveling breechblock that slides down into a housing in front of the primary grip / trigger but behind the magazine feed. The cycle is gas-operated using an over-barrel long-stroke piston similar to a Kalashnikov assault rifle, but its caseless telescoped ammunition is fired electrically.

This massive shotgun is a favorite weapon of Soviet engineers and other specialist troops, and is also carried by many NCOs. It is primarily designed to fire flechette, slug or small-calibre grenade ammunition, with the latter two being rocket-propelled for maximum velocity. The wielding soldier is also generally issued with a single load of six micro-HEAT - High-Explosive Anti-Tank - rounds to ensure kills on armored NATO soldiers from medium distances. The laser sight, optics and foregrip are, unlike on the standard Soviet assault rifle, integral to the weapon and designed specifically for it.

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