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Early model C-141 Atlas before the installation of contra-rotating propellers and rocket-assisted takeoff pylons.

The Grunwald C-141 Atlas is a large, four-engine, armed American Military strategic airlifter and transport. Powered by the R-4830-E "Wasp Major II", the latest generation of large high performance radial engines capable of up to 5,000 hp, the Atlas is the primary means of moving troops, supplies and freight around the air whenever a C-134 is simply too small or too short-ranged for the job. Like the C-134, the C-141 uses rocket motors - in this case, two pairs mounted on pylons on the outer wings - to assist with takeoff and increase maximum payload.


The Atlas is a big, fat, twin-tailed, high-wing, four engine transport aircraft reminiscent of the B-50 Superfortress, although the fuselage is much fatter. The large plane is equipped with a total of three remote-operated dual 12.7mm machine gun turrets - two dorsal, one ventral - and a tail position with the same armament. Capable of transporting about 35,000 kg of cargo over extreme ranges up to about 10,000 km, the Atlas is the U.S. military's workhorse bulk carrier aircraft. Only the six-engined C-150 Mammoth can carry larger payloads.

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