Like many other modern civilizations the Empire has mastered the art of rockety. This has been put to great effect, with the building of multiple rocket launchers for their ground and naval forces. Used on destroyers and land emplacements, they have proved useful for the Empire

Land Rocket LaunchersEdit

The Empire's rocket launchers on land generally use a frame with 36 rockets. These are loaded by the crew of the device, and fired in a single volley. Capable of maitaining a rate of fire of nearly three salvos a minute, even their relatively primitive grenade sized warheads can be brought to bear at long range on the Empire's advanced grid maps. 

Naval Rocket LaunchersEdit

At Sea, the Empire's rocket launchers are most pronounced on smaller destroyers. There, batteries of rocket launchers are arranged so that they can be automatically reloaded with ready rockets from the hold. This enables a much superior rate of fire, and these destroyers can spew thousands of rockets in little time. Against the Helvevtan's wooden ships and primitive battleships this has been proven to be of great utility.