The following is a list of important places known to the Empire, both within and outside its borders. They are listed first in their Imperial Language names and then their English translations, separated by a '/'. Following each is a description or explanation.


Amennvätö sin-Helvetïeä / Helvetan Commonwealth - the massive state to the east of the Empire which is also its traditional enemy. The demonym "Helvetan" is the name given by the Empire to the people of this nation. The Helvetan language name for their country is "Lengyelország", which might be translated as "Helvetia", although no such word exists in the Imperial language: only the adjective Helvett [Helvetan]. However, this could be artificially approximated in the Imperial language with the construction Helvettamennmarke - a compound of Helvett [Helvetan], Amen [People] & Marke [Land / Territory].

Avelonan / Avelonan - the name of the Empire in its own language. The term specifically refers to the Imperial Heartland, i.e. the mainland Empire and those of its territories immediately surrounding it.

Avelonnhalvet / Imperial Peninsula - the large peninsula in the south central Empire containing the capital city and many other important urban centers. The Imperial Peninsula is the oldest part of the Empire, geographically, and the province's borders corrispond to the original borders of the Empire as it existed during Markus's mortal lifetime.

sin-Gidjonn Kalisä / Gideon's Folly - the only large / significant passage through the gigantic mountains forming the Empire's northern border. Named for the noble-borne statesman and merchant, Gideon van Hys: the first Imperial to attempt to pass through the mountains. Van Hys and his entire expedition froze to death in the icy tundra beyond the passage, giving it its name.

Krasngräd / The Red City - Imperial name for the capital of the Helvetan Commonwealth, derived from the red brick used in the construction of its walls, fortresses and many other buildings.

Markusgrädet / Markian City - The ancient capital the Empire: its religious, cultural, commercial, governmental and industrial epicenter. With an area of roughly 15 million kilometers and a population approaching 40 million souls, the Markian City is the largest city in the known world [it is also larger in both area and population than the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, making it larger than any city or metropolis on Earth]. Other names for the city include Avelonngrädet [the Imperial City] (its original name during Markus's lifetime), Eviggrädet [the Eternal City] and Salimmgrädet [City of Crystal] (in reference to the fact that it is built among a web of artificial canals & waterways).

Prüzan / Prüzan - The largest and most economically prosperous of the Empire's 12 Realms and its second-most important political subdivision after the Imperial Peninsula itself. The formal full name of the Realm is Frönnrathö sin-Prüzan, or Free State of Prüzan.