Russian actress Maria Mironova, whose face is the basis of Luna's. Add a scar over the left eyebrow and on the left jaw line, under the cheek. Luna's hair is also dyed bright red.

Luna Faye - original name, Kateryna Andreyevna Ivanova; American name, Catherine Andrea Ivanova - is a Soviet/Russian-born American citizen and superhero / vigilante.


Catherine was created using the same Soviet genetic modification process as the USSR's other principle superpowered agents, albiet a more modern version of the technology. As such, like her partner, Vixen, she is not a natural born human. However, the technology behind the Soviet's government program was considerably more advanced than the private venture that created Vixen. Her DNA itself is an artificial construct, amalgamated from dozens if not hundreds of sources.

Luna was "born" (i.e. extracted from her tank) as a full-grown adult, although she had only been "growing" for about 10 years. She spent the first few years of her life as an agent of the Soviet KGB, primarily in counter-terrorist and dissent suppression operations. However, for reasons which still remain a mystery, she chose to defect and was extracted from the Soviet Union by a crack team of North American Delta Force operators.

Since then, Luna has spent her time as an American citizen in Elysium City, alternating between private vigilante and government contract work. Her partner and closest friend is Josefin Gyllensvärd, a.k.a. Vixen Vega - the daughter of renowned Swedish-American scientist, Johanna Gyllensvärd. Dr. Gyllensvärd has conducted extensive tests and examinations on Luna's unique genetic structure, and her reports have done quite a lot to advance Western understanding of expirimental genetics (i.e. the creation of superheroes). However, development still lags behind Soviet technology.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Luna has the rather unique ability to control the density of her muscles, her metabolism and a number of her other bodily functions. She is possessed of a superhuman strength and speed which she can control at will, allowing her to leap incredible distances, sprint with preternatural speed, react with lightning quickness and overpower enemies many times her size. In addition, she is master of many different forms of martial arts, primarily based around the Soviet combat system of Sambo.

Her close relationship with the Gyllensvärd family has given her access to a large repertoire of gadgets and weapons, including an expirimental armored bodysuit with retractable wrist-blades, a fireproof cloak that can act as a parachute, and a special shock-dapening underlay to protect her against electricity-based attacks.