The Shrieker is a modification of the Mortis Drone construct. It possesses a massively enlarged "plasma organ", so large that it hangs from the creature's abdomen in a sack-like protrusion. Shriekers act in a fire-support role, both direct and indirect, for Mortis ground forces. Their mandibles are enlarged and appear to be electrically conductive: as the Construct is about to "fire" a bolt of plasma, electrical currents arc through the mandibles, focusing and shaping the projectile. As such, Shriekers are able to project larger, more powerful bolts of plasma across longer distances and function as a form of tactical light artillery, similar to a mortar. Oftentimes, hundreds of the creatures will be massed in a single location to rain blazing fire down upon Directorate troop concentrations. It is also worth noting that, unlike the plasma vomitted by standard Drones, the bolts fired by a Shrieker Construct possess considerable kinetic energy upon impact and contain large concentrations of radioactive material. Thus, it is likely that the body from which the plasma is created also includes large concentrations of molten depleted uranium.

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