The P-1200 Type-68 ICP is a Directorate combat exoskeleton, a heavier version of the standard infantry powered armor. It is, essentially, a mass-production version of the much more complex exoskeletons worn by Janissary Corps soldiers and, similarly, is more of an enlarged humanoid Combat Automaton with a human operator inside than a suit. Each Directorate infantry platoon contains 4 12-man squads of regular infantry and one 12-man squad of 'Myrmidons' (the soldiers who operate these exoskeletons). The Myrmidons act in a manner similar to the Heavy Weapons element of a conventional 20th century unit, laying down fire support with weapons normally only mounted on vehicles. 


The P-1200 Type-68 ICP resembles a large humanoid robot, and operates with essentially the same control principles as the standard Infantry Combat Harness and the Janissary exoskeleton. It is, however, much lighter than its more advanced Janissary counterpart, allowing the ICP to lift into the air despite lacking full-coverage shields - albiet less effectively, only being able to leap relatively short distances. The exoskeleton is still quite well armored, but lacks the bulky synthetic muscle bundles of its counterparts. Instead, it relys on old-fashioned high-power servomotors. It is, however, equipped with pulsed energy screens. Each ICP can mount one heavy weapon under each arm, most commonly either a 52mm Magnetohydrodynamic Gun or 65mm autocannon but also an incendiary projector or a 23mm chaingun. They are also capable of being fitted with small-calibre missile pods on the shoulders, essentially firing self-propelled anti-personnel grenades.