Railgun by FierceDeku

The P-250 Type-25 Personal Defense Weapon is the standard sidearm for most Directorate military, paramilitary and police forces, although it barely fits the description of a "pistol". It is a large, long-barreled handgun firing a shortened version of the standard 12mm pulse-jet armor-piercing / high-explosive ammunition from a 10-round cylindrical magazine. However, being a magnetic accelerator weapon - specifically a coil gun - it has no recoil and is capable of fully automatic fire.


The P-250 Type-25 PDW is a a large induction coil magnetic accelerator weapon. Rounds are fed from a 10-round cylindrical magazine located below the barrel, well forward of the trigger. This magazine is placed off-center, to the left [if looking at the gun from behind, as in from a shooting position] and the cylinder cycles counter-clockwise, bringing each new round up and around into the gun. An electrically-powered armature takes the round at the top of the magazine and pulls it back into the chamber of the weapon for firing automatically. The entire firing cycle is electrically powered, driven by a fuel cell in the grip of the weapon that must be periodically replaced. The chamber is located behind and above the trigger mechanism, meaning almost the entire length of the weapon is devoted to its barrel.