Dylan: "Do you remember the Russian War, Anne?"

Anneliese Vancil: "Of course I do. A number of us - and by 'us', I mean Thaumaturges - were recruited from over here by the U.K., before the FNA joined in the fighting: in the early '40s, even the late '30s for some of us. I got off the boat in Rouen in 1939."

Dylan: "So you fought for the U.K., then?"

Anneliese Vancil: "At first, yes. The King and Premier Pétain were desparate - their country had never really recovered from the Last War, you know... foreign debts, frozen population growth... by the time we showed up, they already had the blackout curtains and everything up. The Soviets were flying hordes of Tupolev and Ilyushin bombers over Western Europe every night, first out of Belarus and the Ukraine and then from captured airfields in eastern Germany. They formed us into a little taskforce that took orders directly from the PM's Office, sometimes from Pétain himself. That old man had us running around doing all sorts of crazy assignments, the sorts of things Hollywood turns into movies now days..."

Dylan: "Such as?"

Anneliese Vancil: "Oh, you know... mostly variations on the theme of 'Killing Russians.'"

- Anneliese Vancil discussing her experiences during the later global stages of the Russian Revolutionary Wars ('Wold War II')

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