Simone de Caulaincourt [or sëmön d' Cölancöe, when written with standard Imperial orthography and translated into the Latin alphabet] is a Magister - that is, a personal secret agent of the Empress. Of noble birth, she is one of the Imperial sovereign's most capable and trusted agents; one of only a small number (well less than 100) of Imperial Citizens outside the highest organs of government to have met the Empress personally (an honor not even bestowed on most of her personal Magisters). As the Empress's Agent, Simone does whatever she commands, but her tasks primarily deal in secret police and 'inquisition-like' matters: hunting down corrupt or traitorous high profile individuals to keep the vast machinery of the Empire's government functioning smoothly. 

Simone is a woman of great intelligence and considerable skill in a variety of areas, with the capability to speak a number of local dialects and even Helvetan in addition to Standard Form Imperial, mastery of a wide range of combat techniques, expert marksmanship with both a rifle or handgun and significant knowledge concerning crafts, engineering and even chemistry. Due to her status as a secretive agent of the Imperial Monarchy, she also has the unique distinction of being an "unperson" - her I.D. book, while containing her physical information, gives no place or date of birth or any identifiers beyond basic physical traits and, although she has a number assigned to her in the Citizenship Table (the equivalent of an American social security number) which is printed in said booklet, the entry is blank. She has no recorded name or fingerprints, no tax code and no officially recorded personal information. Officially, she does not exist. She is a gap in the records.


The noble de Caulaincourts hail from Marseile (pronounced Mar-sile, with a long i and silent e): the Empire's western realm (geographically equivalent to France). This ancient family owes a Blood Debt to the Imperial Throne, a hereditary pact whereby each inheriting generation of the bloodline must cede its first child to the service of the Empress - payment in recompense for the traitorous actions of a long-dead ancestor.

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