The T-122 is a modern, sixth-generation Main Battle Tank developed and produced exclusively by the Soviet Union. With a development lineage running back to the same program from the early 21st Century that eventually led to the more common T-110 (the USSR's primary tank), it is that latter vehicle's more advanced - and much less common - counterpart. Thus, it can be considered the spiritual successor of the 20th Century T-64 and T-80 - the more advanced, rarer rough-contemporaries to the T-55/-62 and T-72, respectively. Like these tanks in previous decades, it is used primarily by formations perceived as elite or '1st Echelon' [this will be discussed in depth later in the article].


The T-122 is a round-about product of a program from the early 2000s - the follow-on to a design study begun in the last decade of the 20th Century - to replace the USSR's third-generation T-90 and T-84 tanks (modernized versions of the T-72 and T-80, respectively).

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